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    AMH monoclonal antibody pair developed by Fapon could be applied in detecting and analyzing the AMH level in serum with outstanding performance in sensitivity, correlation, linearity and etc.

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    NS1 is a nonstructural glycoprotein of dengue virus, it can be detected dengue virus NS1 protein from serum in the early stage of sickness, and it appears earlier than IgM antibody, to detect the acute period patient's NS1 antigen in serum it can be used for early diagnosis of dengue virus infection.

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    Correlation with HPLC>98%.

    No cross-reaction with other Hb variants.

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On the 12th of March, the 14th China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice (CACLP) Expo opened at Qingdao International Convention Center. FAPON. was at T3-87, Venue 3. A large number of people, including over 700 global exhibitors participated in the event.Showcasing the charm of biotechnologyFAPON has been the best destination for visitors  As a global leading provider of the IVD raw materials and technical solutions, FAPON, together with its featured and new products in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA), chemiluminescence, fluorescence rapid diagnostic, molecular diagnos...
Date: 2017 - 03 - 13