2018 - 06 - 12
(Dongguan, China, 6 June 2018) Fapon Biotech Inc. (Fapon) rewarded the Top Ten Potential Unicorn Company in the first Future Unicorn Competition of Shenzhen, Guangdong. As a leader in the IVD industry upstream market in China, Fapon was pound to involve and compete with other distinctive corporations in the Future Unicorn Competition. The award confirms not only Fapon’s commercial potential and innovations in products and business strategies, but also motivate the company’s determination to the continued growth of unicorn corporation.( Image One: The certificate of Future Unicorn Corporat...
2018 - 05 - 18
(19 Apr 2018, China) Fapon unveiled IVD one-stop solutions insights and products in 2018 CACLP Chongqing, the largest Chinese IVD tradeshow held in 17th to 20th March. Though multiple presentation channels, forum, company booth and conference, Fapon generated huge buzz and inspired millions of customers and industry professionals.        In the CACLP forum, Fapon’s Business Development Director Mrs. Yu spoke under the ‘Thoughts About IVD One-stop Solution Industrial Development’, highlighting current challenges and opportunities in the IVD industry and how Fapon’s one-...
2017 - 10 - 30
2017 - 11 - 16
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