Fapon Shared IVD One-stop Solutions Insights in 2018 CACLP Chongqing

Date: 2018-05-18
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        (19 Apr 2018, China) Fapon unveiled IVD one-stop solutions insights and products in 2018 CACLP Chongqing, the largest Chinese IVD tradeshow held in 17th to 20th March. Though multiple presentation channels, forum, company booth and conference, Fapon generated huge buzz and inspired millions of customers and industry professionals. 

       In the CACLP forum, Fapon’s Business Development Director Mrs. Yu spoke under the ‘Thoughts About IVD One-stop Solution Industrial Development’, highlighting current challenges and opportunities in the IVD industry and how Fapon’s one-stop solutions are introduced to create industry values. 


       Fapon’s Chairman Mr. Cui Peng also received 2017 IVD Industry Most Influential Elite Award, audiences were impressed with Fapon’s deep industry insights and leadership ability. 


       Having a strong industry presence, Fapon’s booth has always been the spotlight in the CACLP tradeshow. Massive customers visited Fapon’s booth to inquire about the newly launched one-stop solutions, Chemiluminescence Immunoassay, POCT and Clinical Biochemistry and expressed strong interests in further cooperation. 


IVD重庆风云之菲鹏生物      IVD重庆风云之菲鹏生物


       The Resource Synergy and Value Sharing workshop which Fapon held one the first day of the tradeshow also attracted hundreds of high-profile industry insiders to discuss the insights and future of one-stop IVD solutions. The idea of boosting human health care with more accurate, earlier and cost-effective diagnoses by introducing a serious of one-stop solutions that could achieve share resources is shared and triggered intense discussion among guests. 

IVD重庆风云之菲鹏生物         IVD重庆风云之菲鹏生物

       Fapon is committed to providing high-quality products and solutions to IVD manufacturers without entering the midstream market. Multiple one-stop solutions are developing to support customer needs in different application scenarios.