Fast DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina (Two Steps)

Date: 2019-03-14

The Fapon DNA Sample Prep Kit is utilized for the construction of genomic DNA library. All optimized enzymes and buffers are provided with efficient and stable reagents, which can convert 10 ng to 5 ug of fragmented dsDNA into DNA libraries.


Application Scope:

Suitable for the preparation of DNA libraries for Illumina sequencing. Applicable for a variety of sample types and species sources, including a variety of microbial genome, animal and plant genomes, human and mouse genomes. Compatible with the following types of samples:


l  Genomic DNA

l  REPLI-g amplified DNA

l  Reverse transcription of double stranded cDNA.

l  PCR Amplicons

l  Cell Free DNAcfDNActDNA

l  DNA extracted from FFPE samples

l  ChIP Seq



20 Reactions

End Repair & A tailing

HiFi Sep DNA Amplification Mix

250 ul

10xPrimers Mix

120 ul

Adapter ligation

Ligation Buffer

750 ul

Ligation Enzyme




l  Shorten preparation time of DNA library to 3 hours.

l  Less input of DNA templates is required

l  Product quality compatible with Kapa DNA library prep kit after a comparative test on conventional genome library construction.

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