Hot Start PCR, qPCR


Product Name



Anstart Taq DNA Polymerase

95 heat activation for 2mins, qPCR.


Anstart Taq DNA II Polymerase

95heat activation for 2.5mins, high specificity


Hot start HiTaq DNA Polymerase

Good stability and high specificity.


AnPfu Hotstart DNA Polymerase

High fidelity and fast extension 


Taq Antibody (5U/ul) / (10U/ul)

High purity, strong inhibition of enzyme activity and supply in high concentration.


Hammer-fidelity DNA Polymerase

·       Heat-tolerant, high amplification efficiency and strand-displacement activity

MD006---Anstart Taq DNA Polymerase

Anstart Taq DNA Polymerase is a mixture of Anti-Taq monoclonal antibody and Taq DNA polymerase. Before the onset of thermal cycling, Anti-Taq monoclonal antibody binds Taq Polymerase, which inhibits the activity of polymerase and avoids non-specific amplification derived from mispriming or primer dimers formation. When the amplification reaction system is heated to 95°C in 2mins, no special deactivation is caused due to the reactivation of enzyme activity, which can be used in conventional PCR reaction conditions. With the improved buffer, fast activation, it can effectively increase the amount of reaction product and improve the sensitivity and specificity of the PCR reaction. It can be applied to Hotstart PCR amplification complex template, low copy target fragment amplification, RT-PCR, and so on. Compared with the unmodified version of ordinary Taq DNA polymerase is more stable and convenient to use with wider application.

MD007-- Anstart Taq II DNA Polymerase

An upgraded version of Anstart Taq DNA polymerase. After a 2.5min heat shock at 95° C, Taq antibody is denatured and activity of Taq polymerase is restored. Hence, PCR amplification can be performed quickly and efficiently. This enzyme minimizes the formation of non-specific amplification and primer dimers, improves sensitivity and specificity during amplification. It can be applied to hotstart PCR, RT-PCR and multiplex PCR. Especially suit for complex templates and low copy targeted fragment amplification.

MD026---Hotstart HiTaq DNA Polymerase

Fapon applied novel chemical decoration on combining the Taq polymerase with special chemical groups to inhibit the enzyme activity and avoid non-specific amplification or primer dimer and increase the specificity, sensitivity and stability of DNA amplification. The HiTaq DNA Polymerase could be resumed in 10mins at 95°C, which could be used in normal PCR, multi-PCR, nest PCR and other PCR experiment. Fapon Hotstart HiTaq DNA Polymerase possesses a 3'→5' excision activity and a 5' 3' excision activity, which could be applied in real time PCR. It has no activity at room temperature which is convenient for PCR experiment at room temperature.

MD036---AnPfu Hotstart DNA Polymerase

Pfu DNA Polymerase is a highly thermostable DNA polymerase from a thermophilic bacterium pyrococcus furiosus with 5'→3' polymerase activity and 3'→5' exonuclease activity in synthesis of DNA, Pfu enzyme has better fidelity than the common Taq enzyme, the most suitable temperature is 72 ℃, placing at 95℃ for 1 hour, acitivity level remains at 95%.

MD010/10H---Taq Antibody

When combining with Taq polymerase, Taq Antibody could inhibit unspecific amplification that led by unspecific anneal or primer dimer in low temperature condition. Thereby, it could restrain the polymerization during Hotstart PCR in this condition. Taq Antibody will degenerate in the original DNA degeneration step, relieve inhibition for the enzymatic activity of DNA polymerase, then the whole action achieves the ‘Hotstart’ result. Therefore Taq Antibody could be used in original condition of PCR reaction without specific treatment. Using Fapon Taq Antibody with several suppliers' Taq polymerase on Hotstart PCR reaction, the results showed excellent performance on ‘Hotstart’ effect. Fapon Taq Antibody can increase the amplification specificity, enhance and maintain the stability of the PCR detection products.


  • Simple operation: Fapon Taq Antibody can be used immediately after mixed with Taq DNA Polymerase. It could also be used in Long PCR which is based on the Taq DNA Polymerase.

  • No pollution led by mouse chromosome DNA: There is no outcome could be detected in the PCR reaction of specific mouse L1 reagent consensus sequence with primer

  • High blocking ability on DNA polymerization: The blocking rate could be more than 95% when using at Taq DNA Polymerization under 40°C condition

MD066---Hammer-fidelity DNA Polymerase

Hammer-fidelity DNA Polymerase is a thermal stable fidelity polymerase based on directional cloning and chimeric gene engineering. As a qualitative evolution of Vent DNA Polymerase, it has higher fidelity and strand-displacement activity. Its heat-tolerant is remarkable comparing to other fidelity DNA polymerase, activity level shows no decrease at 100°C within 6 hours. Hammer-fidelity DNA Polymerase doesn’t have a 3´→5´ exonuclease activity. Its fidelity is slightly lower than pfu but significantly higher than Taq. With the strand-displacement activity, the polymerase can be applied in the field of WGS in DOP-PCR or IDOP-PCR and most advantageously, the conventional multiplex PCR.