One-Step RT-PCR Mix


Product Name



Anstart One-Step RT-PCR Mix

Fast, convenient, efficient.


SYBR Anstart One Step RT-PCR Mix

High sensitivity, easy to use


Hot start HiTaq One-Step RT-PCR Mix

High sensitivity and strong stability

MD013--- Anstart One-Step RT-PCR Mix

Anstart One-Step RT-PCR Mix with its outstanding rapidity and high quality could be used widely in different area. With this product, the Real Time RT-PCR reaction can be carried out in one tube constantly, whose operation is simple and able to prevent pollution effectively. The Anstart One-Step RT-PCR Mix contains MMLV Reverse Transcriptase and Hotstart Taq DNA Polymerase, which are most suitable for Real Time RT-PCR reaction. Owing to its good amplification efficiency, specificity and stability, it can greatly improve the sensitivity while eliminating the electrophoresis procedure after PCR reaction. Thus, it is very suitable for RNA virus trace detection.

The product is designed for convenient, good sensitivity one step RT-PCR reaction. Its unique enzyme and tailor-made buffer can ensure the efficiency and accuracy of reverse transcription PCR reaction. There is no need for additional optimization. Standard curve can be easily obtained in a broad quantitative area and the target genes can be quantitatively detected with great accuracy.


  1. Quick and easy single-tube reaction; suitable for a variety of RNA template, without optimizing the reaction conditions

  2. A unique combination of enzymes, to ensure high specificity and sensitivity of the response

  3. An optimized buffer system ensures efficient reverse transcription and amplification process

MD013G--- SYBR Anstart One-Step RT-PCR Mix

Fapon SYBR One-Step RT-PCR Mix is specially designed for SYBR Chimeric fluorescence One-Step RT-PCR reaction with its outstanding synthetic ability and amplification efficiency. Use RNA as template, reverse gene-specific primers as reverse transcription primers to synthesise cDNA, then use cDNA as template, the forward and reverse gene-specific primers for PCR reaction. Real Time RT-PCR reaction can be carried out continuously in the same reaction tube by Fapon SYBR One-Step RT-PCR Mix, it is easy to use and can effectively prevent pollution at the same time. Since Fapon products can perform real-time detection of amplification products, greatly improve sensitivity and wipe out electrophoresis steps, so it is very suitable intrace RNA detection for RNA virus.

MD027---Hotstart HiTaq One-Step RT-PCR Mix 

Fapon Hotstart HiTaq One-Step RT-PCR Mix contains unique enzyme and special buffer, which would ensure the accuracy and efficiency of reverse transcription PCR. This system could be used directly without any further optimization in the final user. With this product, real time RT-PCR could take place in the same tube, that means easier handle and less contamination. The PCR results is observed with good repeatability and standard curve in broad quantitative range. Using Super MMLV Reverse Transcriptase and Hotstart HiTaq DNA Polymerase together could enhance the amplification efficiency, sensitivity and specificity obviously, which makes the real time one step RT-PCR more stable. It is appropriate to apply in trace RNA detection for RNA virus.