FAPON will be better because of you
Join us, as long as you have the learning power and creativity, FAPON will be the high quality runway where your career and dream can take off, and your full potential can be realized. We look forward to working with you to the achievement of personal dreams and a better healthcare for all.
Fapon Biotech Inc.
FAPON, we are the difference.

As a platform of energy, health and wisdom, people in FAPON are fighters who love life, work hard, and aim high. 

Here, we respect individuality, creativity, and provide the stage for the growth of our employees.

We advocate simple and sincere interpersonal relationship, encourage innovation,create a fair and healthy competition environment,

work on perfecting the talents cultivation system, and accelerate you growth in practice.

We expect you to fight alongside us, reach your potential and enjoy your career.

    • Pursuit of excellenceHave a sense of innovation, proactive thinking, take the initiative to create
    • TeamworkGood communication with others
    • Efficient and simpleEfficient work, easy to get along
    • Integrity integrityBe honest, words and deeds
    • Open and inclusiveUnderstand and respect others, coexistence and win-win situation
    • Is our precious wealth
    • Is the cornerstone of our development
    • It is our peers and important partners
Employees are the wealth of the enterprise
Fapon Biotech attention to each employee's personal growth and career development
We provide a wide range of training models and capabilities to play the platform, so that your future to get more development








Welfare System We provide competitive compensation and welfare benefits, so that every employee can work at the company.
  • Insurances and Housing Fund
    Insurances and Housing Fund
    Social insurance coverage for employees (pension, medical, work-related injury, unemployment, maternity), housing fund, commercial insurance (accidental injury).
  • Staff Physical Examination
    Staff Physical Examination
    An annual health check-up for each employee.
  • Gym
    The company gym is open 24/7, fitness equipment is free to use, and professional fitness instructors are also available (make appointments beforehand).
  • Coffee Bar
    Coffee Bar
    You can enjoy a variety of coffee from professional baristas in a cozy and laid-back environment.
  • Star Dining
    Star Dining
    Three meals are served a day, fruit and snacks are also available.
  • Shuttle Bus
    Shuttle Bus
    Free shuttle bus service between Shenzhen and Dongguan.
  • Housing Subsidies
    Housing Subsidies
    Housing subsidies are provided each month and employees can apply for a government subsidized accommodations.
  • Paid Annual Leave
    Paid Annual Leave
    Paid annual leaveIn addition to policies on statutory holidays, employees are entitled to 5 to 15 days of paid annual leave per year.
  • Parental Leave
    Parental Leave
    Parents should not absent from important moments With children. Employees can enjoy paid leave during the children’s exam period.Exam refers to the Senior Entrance Exam and College Entrance Exam.
  • Children’s Day Leave
    Children’s Day Leave
    Employees with children of ages 2 to 6 years old can enjoy a day off, because we treasure those happy memories for children.
  • Holiday Benefits
    Holiday Benefits
    For every major holiday, FAPON will prepare thoughtful holiday gifts for employees.
  • Birthday Benefit
    Birthday Benefit
    Birthday party and birthday gift.
  • Maternal Benefit
    Maternal Benefit
    Bonus for employees who gave birth.
  • Employee Travel
    Employee Travel
    It’s a big world out there, and you should travel more. FAPON encourages employees to travel at least one trip a year and provide travel fund support.
  • Clubs
    Football, basketball, badminton, photography, baking, yoga and more.
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