Enrich our products and services through solutions
Chemiluminescence solution: Independent research and development of chemiluminescence instrument platform performance, supported with Fapon in IVD industry more than 16 years of industry accumulation, to provide customers with a variety of platforms and technology solutions.
We have built platforms of fluorescence quantitative PCR and the second generation sequencing technology. With years of accumulation of technical expertise, we provide customers with services of developing and upgrading the original enzymes (functional modification and activity mutation), optimizing and debugging the testing reagents, developing and optimizing the molecular diagnostic POCT raw materials.
In the field of NGS, based on illumina and Ion torrent sequencing platform, we are able to customize key tool enzymes, jointly develop reagent KIT, optimize and debug reagent MIX and provide other related technology and technical services to meet the various needs of our customers.
Customizable immunoturbidimetry reagent solution service:we offer you solution service with Flexibility, Quality and Reliability.