From the establishment of the technology platform to the design of the experiment, the quality is always carried out in the life cycle of each product.
  • 2200g
    Annual production
  • 9133
    laboratory area
  • 608
    R&D and production equipment
    • ISO 9001:9001 Quality Management System
      ISO 9001:9001 Quality Management System
      Product manufacturing is in line with ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, and production process is standardized, every link of production is in strict accordance with the SOP operation. With high standards and strict quality management, we are committed to providing customers with products with small batch difference and high stability, and never stop the pursuit of excellence in product quality.
    • Material Testing Platforms
      Material Testing Platforms
      Matching our clients’ needs in terms of in vitro diagnostic reagents raw material application. According to the different application field of raw materials, FAPON has established platforms for the raw material selection and optimization, such as chemiluminescence, ELISA, fluorescence POCT, real-time PCR, gene sequencing, immune turbidimetric and more.
    • Perfect Process Control
      Perfect Process Control
      In the production process, the SOP runs through each operation link. With double controls, high quality of raw material products is guaranteed. In the whole quality management system, perfect quality guarantee is established from the production source to the standard formulation, customer feedback, quality system monitoring and so on.
    • Improved Production Capacity and Scale
      Improved Production Capacity and Scale
      By actively introducing large-scale production equipment and strictly implementing production protocols, FAPON has improved its production capacity while ensuring that raw material product batch difference is minimized and more stable. At present, the annual output has reached 2200g, which has become a unique advantage in the industry.
    • 5s Management
      5s Management
      By thoroughly implement 5s management, namely SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, we not only provide a comfortable working environment for our employees and a safe place of work, but also improve the product quality, and staff satisfaction and work ethics.