Never stop innovation at Fapon
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    Ratio of R&D Specialists
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  • As a leading biotechnology organization, Fapon focuses on product innovation and acts closely with the market, this distinctive R&D capability has made Fapon a benchmark in the IVD industry.
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    • Eukaryotic Recombinant Expression Platform
    • Chemiluminescent Platform
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    • Eukaryotic recombinant expression platform
    What paints a rosy future for FAPON is the recombinant antibody/antigen production of expressing plasmid transfection directional domestication CHO cells and screening of stable high yield cell lines, which is based on the mammalian cell expression system. This production of antibodies can bring genetic optimization, higher expression, larger volume, higher stability, smaller batch variances, and higher antibody purity. Some products are superior to those produced in the traditional way in terms of activity, specificity and thermal stability. This technology platform not only integrates the advantages of traditional technology, but also can avoid the disadvantages, which makes the monoclonal antibody production automated, efficient and economical.  At the same time, by gene recombination technology, antibodies produced can meet the needs of different subject research and markets. This indicates the direction of future development of monoclonal antibodies.
    • Chemiluminescent Platform
    Fapon self-developed one-stop solutions to satisfy customers’ needs in various application scenarios.The CLIA platform provides analyzer and reagent services. With a focus on HIV, HCV and TP assay development, Fapon aims to generate more business value through different world-class IVD solutions to customers.
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